Singleness and Gratitude – Un Día a la Vez

In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Perhaps as a single it can be easy to think and talk about all of the things we are lacking. For women, maybe it’s coming home and knowing you won’t have a shoulder to cry on or a warm body to hold you. Maybe it’s facing the struggles of routine house maintenance, making big decisions alone, or wondering if you’ll ever be able to have your own children. For men, maybe it’s knowing that when you get home there’s no warm meal or soft smile waiting for you on the other side of the door. Or not having someone to share your successes with or an encourager when you feel like a failure. Being single comes with its difficulties. Walking through life as a single is no easy or small thing.

I have sat down at countless tables in countless places with single women to talk about our unmet longings: for a husband, a best friend, a sense of belonging, and the ability to make a home with someone else. While expressing the desires of our hearts to the Lord can be good and healthy, we can’t just let our focus stay there. So when that sense of weariness or desperation begins to well up from deep within, and we’re tempted to ask God why, what can help us hold back the feelings of despair? Gratitude. The antidote to weariness and doubt is always gratitude.

As singles, I’m sure we’ve thought of a million different things we would be thankful for if we were married. But there are a lot of unique-to-us-singles things we can be thankful for in our present circumstances:

Some of these things are serious, others a little more light-hearted. But truly, if anything has allowed me to change my heart from desperate and bitter to satisfied and content it’s thankfulness.

Singleness is not what I would choose for me. And maybe it isn’t your first choice either. But God has shown that he truly is good. And he has given each of us so very much to be thankful for! So when you’re tempted to think of all the good things you would have in marriage and all of the bad thing about being single, flip the switch! And remind yourself of all the great things life holds for you now.

Like this:

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